Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heavens Soldiers 2005 DVDRip (KMovie) ENG.Hardsub

According to the movie, by 2005 the North and South Korean governments have secretly joined forces to create a nuclear warhead, and when the leaders of both nations decides to hand over the nuke to the American military, North Korean officer Kang Min-gil (Kim Seung-woo) goes rogue and hides away with the nuke along with nuclear physicist Kim Su-yeon (Kong Hyu-jin). It’s up to South Korean Navy Officer Park Jeong-wu (Hwang Jung-min) and a team of commandos to retrieve the scientist and the warhead, but during a heated firefight, the nuke, the scientist, and both groups of soldiers are swept up in the wake of the passing Halley's Comet (don’t even ask) and gets dumped into the late 1500s — right in the middle of a battle between Korean peasants and marauding Chinese barbarians. 20th Century weapons versus 16th Century weapons! I say the AK47 wins! Time travel at its best!

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